COVID-19 has pushed education online for communities globally, which has had many negative impacts on students. The most drastic of which is that students without access to their own devices can't attend school with their peers. In addition to this, there is a big problem currently with recycling old computers. We wanted to make a project that could help with both of these current problems.

What it does

Our project allows for students in need of certain tech for their distance learning to register for an account and make posts requesting old devices. The active posts are then shown to people looking at the site. If somebody is browsing the platform and has an old device that is being requested, they can contact the student in need via email to set up shipping logistics.

How we built it

We wrote the backend with google firebase and JavaScript. Our database is a google firestore, where we store post information for the different active posts and profile information for users requesting tech for educational purposes. The front end was written mostly in react.

Challenges we ran into

During the project, we ran into a few problems with properly connecting our front and back end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the fact that we were able to get our project running at the end!

What we learned

We learned how to use firebase, and we also learned how to make react web apps.

What's next for Educe

The next step for Educe is probably to expand the types of technology that can be sent to students in need. For example, it might be helpful to be able to send software and other types of things to students besides just hardware devices.

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