Inspiration -

This project is mainly based on the problem we (undergraduates) are going through. Often , when we want to choose our domain , we wander multiple sites but in vain. Also , students for their selection in internships have to go through multiple rounds of interviews. There's no such platform on which we can assess our soft skills. Moreover, many students are unaware of various domains, and any internship updates. Hence we thought to build a solution to this problem.

What it does -

EducatVerse website integrates three services on one platform. Firstly , it provides a section that lists the profound roadmap and resource links needed for any particular domain in the IT industry. We have listed 12. The next section uses a speech to text API in the Interview Practice Questions for various domains. The student can record their answers in real-time on the question displayed and then view it in textual form to assess how well they have done. Database is also used in it. The last part is the Updates section, which consists of all the Internship and Job updates from top companies. It is included so as to make it easy for the user to get the list at one place instead of navigating multiple sites.

How we built it -

We built it using HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, mySQL

Challenges we ran into -

The most challenging part was the database section.

Accomplishments that we're proud of -

We are proud that we could complete what we thought in a very short span of time.

What we learned -

We learnt how to work in a team, we learnt how to coordinate in a time crunch.

What's next for EducatVerse -

For this project we are thinking of adding a customizable section where students can customize their question and domains.Also Upcoming features that could be added:

  1. Sample answers to the interview questions
  2. User account to store their content in the database
  3. Display of updates in the home page.
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