In some parts of the world, individuals with hearing disabilities have been neglected and disregarded. Many struggle with pursuing their education especially in the IT field. Regarding networking, there hasn’t been any platform that helps them reach others with impaired hearing across the globe. They have been sidelined, and some have been finding it difficult to pass a particular course because they have no one to understand and assist them. For example, A friend of Maureen's in Germany had started a python course in school. He was given an assignment but was incapable of how to complete it. He could have asked his classmates or others who could have assisted him, but because of the language barrier (they didn’t know sign language), he couldn’t communicate with them properly which led to him dropping out of the course. Therefore, awareness and assistance should be granted to those who are at a disadvantage all around the world. They shouldn’t have to struggle the way Maureen’s friend had, and they should be given equity to give them equality.

What it does

Although an app called Quora exists, where users could utilize a question and answer website, it is too generalized and isn’t oriented towards assisting hearing impaired individuals. Circled Education, a soon-to-be social media platform for people with hearing disabilities, could assist millions of people with hearing disabilities pursue a proper education without being hassled with disadvantages that typical people wouldn’t experience. In this app, students can interact with each other through video chat and text. By providing video chatting, people with hearing disabilities can use sign language and communicate with other people who are fluent in sign language. Furthermore, training in various fields will be held allowing users to join lectures, work in breakout rooms, and receive feedback from experts live around the globe.

Today, Circled Education announces the new educational platform for the hearing and hearing impaired, to learn, network, and connect. We want to be able to make an impact through technology to the hearing impaired, help them develop pride in developing their skills, and help them gain the confidence to ask questions to complete their coursework. We want to be able to do something good for the world we all live in, and we want to help decrease the amount of disadvantaged people from dropping out of college courses by offering the following core benefits:

  • Learning
  • Asking questions relating to academics and getting response
  • Connecting with students in the same field of studies and grade with you
  • Increasing your personal creativity and broadening your horizon(e.g technical tools, design etc)
  • Encouraging joy and fulfillment
  • Giving information about career opportunities to the hearing impaired

How we built it

We built it using Adobe XD, Google Docs, Google Slides, and Github. Adobe XD was the biggest help for us because it was utilized to create our mockup. It helped us implement the UI and create a better visual of our idea.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we ran into were our time differences, time in general, and the fourth person not contributing. Because we leave in completely different areas (some live in Europe while others live in the United States), we had a hard time figuring out when we could work and communicate on the project. Time in general was also an issue because 24 hours is not a lot of time—some had to leave and attend to other things which requires us having to work separately. These road blocks were big on us, but we were able to work around it to accomplish our goal. The fourth person didn't contribute to our project, so we had to cover her part of the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accomplishments that we're proud of are creating a mockup using Adobe XD and empowering women entrepreneurs as it is a platform for all women entrepreneurs all over the globe, to interact and collaborate. Adobe XD is an app that not most of the members knew how to use, but through learning and getting assistance from the internet and member who knew, we were able to get past it and create the app design. Lastly, we were able to bounce back after a member having been inactive and achieve this project.

What we learned

We learned a lot through this Hackathon. We were able to learn about ourselves, new applications, and the handicap community. Through reaching out and creating a team through Slack, we were able to come together from different parts of the world to collaborate and create this project. New applications were also utilized to help others visualize our goal. Lastly, we were able to learn more about the handicap community through creating an idea that helps create more equity for them.

What's next for Circled Education

Circled Education would like to partner with Coursera, Women in Tech, Women who Code, Datacamp and Kaggle to provide IT certification courses to the hearing impaired.

This is an all-inclusive offering: For the premium users, every step in getting skilled through our experts will be guided and facilitated by the respective experts (Experts and Scholars) to give you the optimal outcome for your learning & personalization, all with the guarantee to also provide the best possible learning outcome to you.

The Circled Education application is all student community driven, so you will meet other people you can spar ideas with, bring your friends to re-design items together, and go home with something you can be truly proud of.

Additionally, if you want to go beyond the initial learning and exchange of skills, we are hosting competitions every quarter where you and your peers can rebuild a random item chosen by the crowd, and projects will be judged by a jury. The winner will be awarded the prestigious “Circled Education” Award, a winning certificate, and prizes such as free additional workshops, 3D-printers for your own home/community, or creative artworks from the circular economy influenced artists around the globe.

You can join training sessions via the scheduling tool on the website: or the mobile application where you can also find the respective pricing, and book sessions.

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