Let's get straight to the point--as students, we don't like to waste time.

Well... at least not for things not involving Netflix or Overwatch.

Anyways, the inspiration for this project came from the experiences of Martin and myself spending an excessive amount of time scrolling through our school's catalog looking for classes, only to find out one class just doesn't fit! Because of this one conflict, we had to look up new times for another class, but now that class only has an 8 AM section!

After taking time choosing courses to enroll in, it was incredibly frustrating to spend so much time only to find out the schedule just doesn't work. This is where "Of Course!" comes in. We decided to make a program that allows the user to select potential classes she wants to enroll in with consideration of her preferences for when she wants to start and end her day.

Using data from Caltech's Spring Catalog, _ Of Course! _ provides a simple GUI that would display to users the times to take their selected classes if their schedule works, or an error message if their schedule does not work. We hope this app help all students not waste time on tedious tasks and spend time on the finer things in life*.

*Overwatch and Netflix, pretty much

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