Our inspiration was to create a space where educators and curious individuals could connect, learn new skills, and spread ideas. There are many options for very young kids to learn engineering basics, and for older kids to test their background knowledge. There aren't many options for kids, or people, who want to get started with something new but may be intimidated to get started. AR allows those users to get more support and connect with others that want to help teach.

There are 3 electrical components to build a circuit that powers an LED. Using Facebook's Spark AR, the camera recognizes the piece of the circuit, and provides the user information about the component, as well as instructions for the next step in building the circuit.

We used Facebook's Spark AR to build the AR interface, Maya for the 3D modeling, and Digikey for the hardware components.

We had trouble determining what the target would be for the AR visuals. It had to be clear and easily recognizable. We wanted to use our 3D components but the variable of the angle of the camera made that difficult. We decided to go with Facebook stickers.

We're proud of having a working demo and to learning new skills!

We learned Hackathons aren't just about the project you build, but the skills you learn and the people you meet!

What's next for Educational Tutorial: The next step is to create a community through Facebook Groups to connect educators and curious individuals and continue the spread of knowledge. This application can extend far beyond electrical circuit. Users can use these groups to teach mechanical skills, household maintenance tactics, cooking instructions, playing musical instruments.

Built With

  • facebook-spark-ar
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