During COVID-19, my friends started to use Discord. While I was in one of their servers, I noticed a bot called Dank Memer. With its currency system and memes, it took over the server. At this time, I started playing it to understand how it works. Due to people overusing Dank Memer, their grades began to fall. Therefore, I needed to make an educational and fun Discord bot. And that's what I did.

What it does

Giga Pepe is focused around collecting and battling with Pepes. There is also a currency system which can be used to buy important materials for leveling up Pepes or other Pepes. In order to get money, the player can either battle or solve problems, which brings significantly more reward than battling. This incentivizes the players to solve more problems, which thus raises their grades. The education feature also has a machine learning algorithm, which makes each player more or less likely to get a certain problem based on whether they got their answer correct. In addition to the collection system, Giga Pepe has some miscellaneous commands, like rolling a dice or making a text/voice channel.

How we built it

I built Giga Pepe using, which allows me to link some code to my discord bot via token. For all of the commands, it was very similar to that of regular Python, just with a few commands swapped. The machine learning for the education system was made through a set of values based on how many problems in that category the player gets right/wrong. The bot is kept online via uptime-robot, a monitor.

Challenges we ran into

During the making of this bot, I ended up making many silly programming errors, like mistaking one function for another. In addition, learning how to use was a huge challenge in itself. The code was simultaneously similar and different, causing many challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I have made the first educational Discord bot. In addition, I have incorporated machine learning into the education feature.

What we learned

I learned a good amount of how to use, and also how to utilize machine learning. I also learned how to use monitors.

What's next for Discord Bot [Giga Pepe]

Next, I could use a better AI similar to that to GPT-2. Using this, Giga Pepe could generate word problems much easier. I probably also need to optimize my code a bit.

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