This pandemic has taught us the importance of online services. We are so dependent on internet that a day doesn’t go by where we don’t make use of it. Even though coding and building websites and apps is something we learn in schools and colleges, its still not sufficient to meet the job requirements in todays world. IT is one of the fattest growing sectors yet a lot of computer engineers are unemployed.

What it does

This website provides courses that everyone can learn and benefit from. With varsity anyone from any point of the world can learn new subjects, and gain thorough knowledge. A user has to first register. Then they will be logged in and now they can choose any course they want to study. The idea is to make this website user friendly and robust so more and more users can benefit from it.

How I built it

The website was coded using JavaScript CSS and PHP. At the backend MySQL phpMyAdmin is used for database entries.

Challenges I ran into

Since I am coding solo , error handling was the hardest .The other hard part was the server setup. Since it is my first time working with a new server I had to figure out everything from setup to establishing database connection.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This being my first hackathon the major achievement was developing a front end and backend without bugs in less time.

What I learned

I learnt the how to use php and database server, JavaScript and how to use authentication for login.

What's next for Varsity

To add more features like cart, payment details and secure connection.

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