I was inspired by this project because my entire family has been making/using this formula for as long as I can remember. My friends always ask me what skin products I use, and I just give my product to them. They always give me positive feedback, so I believe that women in Guinea should be given credit for what they produce.

This product would benefit the American skincare industry, as well as the women and children of Guinea, by giving the women of Guinea the freedom to pay the teachers of their children.

The site needs a lot of work in the back-end, but I used Balsamiq to create a layout for the website. This site was created with an hour left to the end of the competition. I have learned that it is important to listen to your own voice in order to solve problems that are most meaningful to you.

What's next for Education in Guinea

In Guinea, the children are currently being forced to stay at home, or wander about their town's streets because government officials are refusing to pay the teachers their desired, and well deserved salaries. This can be changed by empowering the women of Guinea economically. Shea butter is produced by women in the villages of Guinea, and it is currently exported to NYC by the boat load. Shea butter can heal skin rashes and hemorrhoids, and it has anti-aging properties. Its natural smell is pretty strong because it is a raw product (it can be consumed as food), but it can be combined with three, essential, aromatic oils that provide skin with the ability to fight acne, combat skin infections, and prevent skin cancer.

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