Seeing children making an account on social media to listen or watch their ideal entrepreneurs, ideal persons advice, and to take their lessons. And then complaining about the media in various ways like excess content or negative content or unwanted content other than learning, etc.

What it does

It fetches and provides data/ posts from networking sites regarding really important skills from the world-known experts and displays the content in the particular section of expertise And that is hardcoded for now

How I built it

Being no experience in any framework, I started this project with the initial learning and then supported by teammates who know the react framework and take this static website to a single page application SPA.

Challenges I ran into

Our whole team ran into challenges about code and design, I grind my thoughts around the idea, I was stuck at the theme and confused to highlight the problem in the society. But worked on it and searched a lot of articles that support my highlighted problem.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have participated first time in a hackathon, so I am happy to say this that I learned and build and had a great experience with the team even with remote collaboration

What I learned

I learned react framework and video editing and little knowledge in the product development area

What's next for Education Hub

The education hub project will be incorporated with APIs to fetch data and a search with a highly supportive filter for the users to browse the best content from the platform.

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