EducateMe is an educational platform that is made available both offline and online in Africa. The major aim is to solve the challenges facing education in Africa, we have been able to come up with an idea with the objective of developing a balanced capability of students in tertiary institution and also to have equal and easy access to materials both offline and online without having any difficulties. Platform Cross Platform Mobile: Users will download and install the mobile app from Play Store (Mobile) or App Store (IOS). Onboarding User creates an account by providing sign up details Main App User is logged into the main app and has four menus:

  1. Explore: Section to see all available courses on the platform and select your preferred course.
  2. Courses: Section to see enrolled courses and view them offline at anytime
  3. Teach: Section to create a course on the platform (NB: There is a verification process for this).
  4. Profile: Section to view profile details Features Offline/Online Feature: Allows Users to access contents offline using asyncStorage in React Native. Text-Speech/ Speech-Text (Coming Soon): Provides Speech (Audio) option for the blind and Text Option for the deaf to promote inclusiveness. Verification Service (Coming Soon): Provides a service to verify contents and ensure quality contents on the platform.

Tagline: Next stop, Mass education. Vision statement: To make education accessible by everyone in Africa.

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