Working Prototype



Students from underdeveloped areas don't have access to enough details about the admissions in different universities. Our inspiration are students from those areas who have great potential but not proper guidelines to pursue their future goals along with skill related jobs which will help them to manage their expenses.

What it does

We provide a platform which will provide information about all the universities and their admission details, living expenses and student jobs in the particular city. This platform will promote student job eco-system which will make a great impact on lower middle and middle class population.

How I built it

Design is made using google material guidelines, applying best user partices and minimalistic approach. Prototype is made on Adobe-XD

Challenges I ran into

Very limited time to refine the idea and providing prototype with functional code

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Team work, design sprint and activities.

What I learned

Strategic thinking Product Development Financial Modelling Fast paced development

What's next for Educarist

We are looking forward to expand the idea on different platforms and looking forward to connect with different investors

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