A Project that is focused towards making you learn in the best way you can. We believe learning is fun and we are commited to making it the fun it is.


  1. Adeniyi Babajide - Data Analyst | Team Lead | Project Manager
  2. Okuniyi Monsuru - Android Developer
  3. Akilapa Idris Tobi - Data Scientist | Machine Learning Developer
  4. Fagbemi Gamaliel David - Backend Developer


Students with learning disabilities (LD) who wish to achieve financial and personal independence need to be able to access post-secondary education and overcome numerous academic barriers. Access to qualified counsellors, appropriate transition services, academic remediation, and accommodations may make a difference in whether or not students are able to achieve post-secondary success.

In addition, students and educators alike frequently do not understand the confusing LD label and fail to understand exactly what services/technics are appropriate. How are these high-risk students able to pursue postsecondary education successfully when there are so many undefined variables.

A learning disability (LD) is a disability that affects how an individual of average to above-average intelligence processed information (receives it, integrates it, and/or expresses it). The student with a learning disability may have language-based and/or perceptual problems that affect reading, spelling, written, language, or mathematics.


We are building a machine and AI solution that will be deployed on Android and scale to using VR to make learning FUN for everyone that wants to learn. The solution asks a few questions and will recommend which learning style best suit the recipient.


  1. Learning becomes fun
  2. Everyone learns in a way that best suits them to aid assimilation
  3. Reduced failure rate
  4. Education won't be seen as a task anymore.

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