We are working on to develop a platform where a candidate will be taking personalized video courses according to their specifics.

Step 1: Onboarding While onboarding the candidate after knowing what course they're interested in, we'll evaluate them based on their current knowledge in that particular domain using an adaptive test (with dynamic difficulty) and will score them on different topics of the course. These scores will help us generate the course content dynamically focusing more on the parts where the candidate is lacking.

Step 2: Personalized course Our engine will generate a personalized video course with dynamic content for the candidate according to their abilities and learning capacity. Also, along with that, we'll be giving links to highly cited articles and official docs for the related topics.

Step 3: Consistent Monitoring and Improvising Course We'll take frequent tests after every bunch of topics and evaluate the candidate's progress and modify the course content on their learnings.

We'll have multiple courses from various teachers as we firmly believe "One teacher doesn't fit for all"

Step 4: Helping through hard times Next, we will be constantly monitoring the user's behavior while they are taking the video course. We will detect if the user is yawning or is away from the screen (i.e indulged in other activities), switching tabs, detecting surrounding noise, etc. to know the user's interest towards a particular material he is studying. If the interest level is down then we will notify him through a notification to skip this part and move to the next topic or continue tomorrow. This will help us to keep user in our platform and study more.

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