1. The recent guimaras tragedy where students where constrained due to the inevitable problem caused by the typhoon.
  2. Our mentor/instructor in software engineering subjects, always screen-records the discussion and lessons tackled during lecture time. He said that he understands that its not easy or immediately absorb the lessons in just one take.

What it does

  1. It livestreams the actual/ real-time discussion within the classroom to those students who weren't able to attend classes due to limitations and unavoidable circumstances.
  2. It also records the said livestream for later use. ## How we built it
  3. Frond-end using quasar
  4. database using firebase
  5. and a functional brain

Challenges we ran into

1.Compiling the work of every member of the team. 2.Limited time. 3.Unexpected technical malfunctions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-We are very proud to develop our ideas where we are very sure that could help almost anyone. Although it wasn't fully developed for now, in the future we hope to be able to create and improve our first ever hackaton project. =)

What we learned

  • Everyday experiences and encounter are what make us a better software engineer. But unlike any other days, this one is very special since this our first outside-school project competition and everything in this 12-hour event is what we've won.

What's next for eduCare

-We know that there's more to come, but for now we hoped that in the future everyone will have the education they deserve... through EduCare. Hehe

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