As high school freshmen, we experienced a lack of resources to prepare us for the college process. From this issue, we were inspired to create a Discord bot that can provide us with information about colleges and scholarships that is easily accessible through a simple text message. In addition, as Discord users, we saw that there weren’t that many educational bots for school servers or study servers to access. Instead of searching on a website, we thought it might’ve been easier engaging with a Discord bot.

What it does

Our EduBot aims to assist students by providing easily accessible information and resources through Discord. Since Discord is a very popular application amongst students, we believed that having such a resource on this platform would be more beneficial to students than looking on websites. Some of the functions that our bot has are study music recommendations, funny memes to look at while stressed, and specific information about universities and college advice for each individual grade.

How we built it

We used as our coding platform since it is easy to collaborate with team members. In addition, we watched a YouTube video ( which explained how to build a Discord bot and eventually, continued coding smoothly. In terms of the code specifically, we created a help menu which held all of the commands that the bot can scan for and then coded for all of the individual commands.

Challenges we ran into

At times, we had to adjust our code because of syntax errors, specifically indentation errors and missing colons. In addition, there were some errors within the code relating to the upper-case and lower-case structure of the phrase. Since our bot is case-sensitive where the code needs to be lower-case, we needed to scan through the entire code and make sure it was lower-case, at least for the command titles.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One accomplishment that we’re proud of is being able to run the bot smoothly and having all of the commands run through without any errors stopping the bot from running. In addition, we are proud of the design of the logo of the bot. After overcoming all of the challenges with syntax and ensuring there were no bugs, our bot was able to carry out its function and provide the information which meant that it solved the problem it was intended for, and was therefore a workable idea.

What we learned

We learned how to efficiently bridge problems that we have encountered, and solve this issue through using our coding skills. We were also able to obtain many resources ourselves through the research process such as colleges, scholarship websites, useful study music, etc. Most importantly, as a team, we learned how to cope with small bugs and overcome challenges together.

What's next for EduBot

We’re planning to add more resources into EduBot along the way to our college information list, scholarship resources, tips, study music, etc. Our next steps also include adding new features such as allowing the bot to be invited to other servers so students can use them in their private servers with their friends. We’ll also be adding in some fun features like quiz questions for different subjects, or a list of quizzes you can take to find out what college is the best match for the student.

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