Working in education venture capital for the past 6 months, Guilherme has been approached by over 100 companies that try to sell new products to schools and districts. However, school funding has dropped significantly in recent years. While the market of educational products for schools is saturated, helping schools earn revenue is a blue ocean.

What it does enables people to book spaces in their local schools. This way, schools earn money from assets they have but haven't utilized yet.

How we built it

Valyo used a ready html template to built our prototype. The non technical side involved calling many people and telling them about our idea and refining it based on feedback.

Challenges we ran into

While we managed to talk to school boards and investors, we couldn't directly approach schools because they are closed on weekends.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Building an MVP in a weekend, and getting external validation from top people in the industry such as Rob Schwarz (Partner at The Silicon Schools Fund), and Raymond Blanchard (Board Member at Navigator Charter Schools and Senior Director at VMware).

What we learned

Schools and board are eager to get this product. Investors are actually waiting to put money.

What's next for

Getting an advisor and potentially an incubator. While we are confident in our idea and leadership skills, we still have lots to learn about getting a startup off the ground.

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