If you're browsing the web and see something you're interested in but don't want to stop reading, you can eBayify it to make your web browsing and consuming experience even more efficient.

What it does

Right clicking and eBayifying a section of text will highlight the key phrases of the text and generate real time eBay links for the important phrases.

How we built it

We developed our own chrome extension using JavaScript ES6, CSS, and HTML. To find the key phrases of the text, we used a Microsoft Azure Text Analytics API. We also then used an eBay API to generate the product links.

Challenges we ran into

Communicating between different js files. This was especially difficult in getting the extension and popup to work together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of making our first chrome extension, as well as having a nice product that works to show. We also think it's pretty cool.

What we learned

We sharpened our skills in JavaScript, and learned how to develop a Google Chrome Extension. Additionally, we learned a lot about the development process as a whole, especially how frustrating it is when the code isn't working really close to the deadline.

What's next for eBayify

We also have plans on expanding eBayify to incorporate selling items through the Chrome Extension.

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