We have designed and developed an Android app which provides the customized learning content based on the biofeedback(based on the custom algorithm we created ) from the sensor devices data


Feedback is an integral part of the education career.Many times students either are unable to speak out their concerns or are unable to express them in any form.The children with Autism lack the ability to communicate emotions and thus even the education imparted to them is never given a feedback .Sometimes the contents can leave a negative impact on them as well. So we have developed an Android app which provides the customised educative content based on the biofeedback from the sensor devices

How it works

We have used biofeedback mechanism enhancing the ability of sensors to get a view of the childs mind and arrive at his attention levels and liking towards the subject. The wristband and the EEG device the child will wear will send out the body signals which is then computed and integrated with the education app that undergoes a modification based on the feeedback.Pulse sensor (HRV ) helps us identify the liking towards the subject.EEG sensor helps us identify the users attention levels. Using these two parameteres we have the curriculum adapting itself on the Android app. In a nutsheel -customised curriculum without intrusion into the lifestyle.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the signals out of the hardware devices Integrating sensor values and the algorithm development Syncing the Android app and the algorithm.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We cracked the code !!! We learnt the working of the MindWave in a short span and drew out raw signals from it We are doing good to the society-our duty!

What we learned

Sabari learnt Android coding from Scratch.He is a full fledged Android developer now:) Manoj learnt about the EEGsignal and concentration level computation

What's next for EduAssist!

Field trials and formfactor enhancement

Built With

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