Eduard is an all-in-one education-focused discord bot. We recently completed our first year of (Zoom) university and wanted a way to interact with our numerous productivity tools (pomodoro timers, calendars, motivational quote pages, etc) all from the comfort of Discord, an app we already spend hours inside of.

What it does

  • Create a pomodoro timer of any length and be notified once it's over.
  • Add, remove and view entries in your personal calendar.
  • Get some much needed encourage-mint from one of our motivational quotes.

How we built it

Like all Discord bots we began by implementing the Discord API so that we could have Eduard interact with our messages in a server. From there we used the API to locate Eduards specific commands and using Google Firebase store each user’s schedule to our realtime database.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing Google Firebase to manage the schedule of the user as well as understanding the documentation of

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Since we all use Discord on a daily basis, creating our own bot and seeing it function was definitely something to be proud of. Especially due to the fact that none of our team members had previous experience using or even using python at all.

Dev note: (Brendan) First time using python,, GitHub, and VSCode so I am really happy with what we did in less than 48 hours. Even before today, I had planned on creating a Discord bot as a long term project. After RU Hacks 2021: Digital (our first hackathon), I feel motivated after seeing how much my team could accomplish in roughly 2 days.

What we learned

None of us had experience developing a Discord bot before so we spend a lot of time reading the documentation for the Discord API to fully understand what we could incorporate to our bot. Along with not having any experience with Discord bots we barely had any knowledge of cloud databases and how to store and retrieve data from them. We learned about the hardships that come with dealing with these databases and how to effectively store data for an easy implementation. Luckily Google Firebase has wonderful documentation and support which allowed us to quickly learn and achieve our goals.

What's next for Eduard

Hopefully we add additional functionality to Eduard such as schedule reminders as there are many people who leave Discord on 24/7 and could benefit from having productivity tools in their own server.

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