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Undoubtedly, e-learning has been a growing industry as more and more students turn to the internet to learn new subjects and skills. With the rise of blockchain technology, there is now an opportunity to decentralize the e-learning accreditation process. Edu4All is a decentralized web application that aims to do just that. The platform allows access for all students globally and helps them on their educational journey. By logging in with a wallet such as Metamask, students can earn NFT certificates for each course that they successfully complete. In this way, the integrity of these certificates can be preserved, rather than having them be issued by central authorities. This can be beneficial, both in terms of accessibility and prevention of fraud. We hope that our idea can pave the way for a world of open education, where your location and your financial status does not determine your ability to be accredited for the degree that you complete and allow employers to source trusted students all around the world. In the future, we hope to partner with major organizations in this space to offer a larger variety of courses and reward students for completing these courses in other ways.

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