How communication can become much more powerful when teachers and students work together.

What it does

A student will ask a question via texting or talking it out as a speech to text software is used. It saves these questions on a database where it will be fed back to the teacher whom will see the frequency and what each individual student needs. The question is automatically answered then and there via google search, but this isn't meant to just answer questions for the students in a different way than going to teacher, it allows the teacher to improve and learn from what the student needs. Teachers are able to learn by understanding what the student's needs or are curious of by looking at the data provided as keywords that majority of them tend to search up. It's behavioral in a way. Teachers are able to locate students easily with geo-location. When you're in a class, you definitely want to be able to find the people then and there.

How I built it

Parse as the database, google for queries and answers.

Challenges I ran into

The idea itself. Working with non-android-based apis that only work via requests to the web and/or long xml/json forms...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a material design app with smooth transitions and nice animations, and the burden of sleep and working alone.

What I learned

Time constraint, time constraints and working by myself with time constraints and non-android-based apis...

What's next for EDU Scope

Website deployment for wider access, phrase frequency checks on each sentence the student enters into the search engine so the teacher has a better understanding of the students, IBM Bluemix personality insight on the use of phrases and how students go about searching, Wolfram knowledgebase as one of the contenders for students searching.

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