The current pandemic situation has lowered the education quality and this inspired us to make an app to improve the education of quality

What it does

It is an OCR that converts handwritten text into digital text and also corrects the spellings

How I built it

We have used the language Python to make this application. Our OCR uses Machine Learning to convert handwritten text into digital text. We used the library Tensorflow and Open CV for Machine Learning. It also automatically corrects the spellings. We made this feature using Text Block. This website has been made using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Challenges I ran into

The dataset was very large so downloading, sorting and scraping it took a lot of time. We had a hard time find good OCR packages and training the model.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to successfully made an OCR

What I learned

We learned how to make an OCR and correct spellings instantly using python

What's next for Edu Fast

Our accuracy is not very good so we would aim on improving the accuracy.

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