Inspiration While coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, many countries have decided to close schools as part of a social distancing policy in order to slow transmission of the virus. However, these closure of schools has affected the education of more than 1.5 billion children and youth worldwide due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. One of our teammates siblings’ is one of them because of Covid19, she couldn’t attend her classes, while later on, her school started doing video call classes but it was far less effective because of the missing practical experience, which is like the heart of teaching children. Covid19 has been very tough for everyone but it can have an even severe effect if we let it to continue hampering the education of kids. So I thought how can I help narrow the learning gap? As the majority of us being students ourselves, we decided to make this app which can get the practical element back into teaching while being in a video call.

What it does Augmented reality can help make classes more interactive and allow learners to focus more on practice instead of just theory. As AR adds virtual objects to the real world, it lets students train skills using physical devices. Our app essentially does that it helps students learn about things like shapes, colour etc using AR. Helping children get the basic practical experience they are missing right now in their video call class

How I built it We used for Flutter with Agora SDK for video call and ARCore for the Augmented Reality. We chose Flutter as it helps in development of mobile apps that allow lightning speed transitions and it comes packed with design elements that are known to fit right into the native self of both Android and iOS.

Challenges I ran into It was fun to carefully design the UI/UX of our app keeping children’s as our target customer. Selecting icons or pictures that feel more appealing to children or making sure the interactive objects are big enough for small hands etc. Also integrating AR into the video call was pretty challenging. Accomplishments that I’m proud of One of our teammates was super proud to say that he showed this app to Mr. Manish who is the head of a school called Wisdom and got valuable feedback to work further on the app like adding the name tags and showed his interest in helping us integrate our app in their school.

What I learned Honestly, it was a roller coaster ride and we would like to thank Agora team as this project helped me push my limits as working on app catering to children can be pretty challenging while we also learned the implementation of AR and the impact it can have on our education system.

What’s next for EduAR We want to launch it in the play store and tie-up with a school to implement our product. We would like to implements more AR object surrounding childrens’ health

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