This idea struck me when one of my junior friends who just landed at engineering college called me complaining about the education system. all I could do is agree because it's been years that our education system hasn't updated their way of teaching and this pandemic situation has put a major effect to it by online classes where students cant understand subjects which include heavy machinery .so that's where I got an idea bout projecting 3d model for a better understanding. I did research what does it require it took me 2 months to learn the augmented reality and here I'm with my first idea.

What it does

Our product is basically based on Recognition based AR, where a target image is placed in front of the AR camera and a 3D model of it is projected.this all featured are integrated into an Andriod application where people can scan images and view 3D model anywhere anytime with a 360-degree view with Audio effect.

How I built it

I used Unity 2017 student version,vuforia cloud , Andriod SDK, unity asset, ARKIT in Windows 10 environment

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge in building this was the error in scripts and model took weeks to add animations I used unity forum to find answers and fixed it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

proud moment was to see all the things working up at the end despite of re trying many times. it was an eternal satisfaction but still, there is a long way to go.

What I learned

patience is the biggest lesson I learned over here. I had a point where I was about to give this project but having patience helped to go through that stage.

What's next for EDU-AR

we are currently working on the next update on EDU-AR where we are covering more subjects of engineering students and more models with better animation. we are also looking for mixed reality to enhance experience

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