To ease International Students when they're going to pursue education at abroad.

What it does

Edu-Abroad strives to create a support network for students. Right from helping students find a place to live to guiding them through their journey to a bright career, we stand by you creating a home away from home.

How we built it

We've created a website for the access of this, built it using HTML and Java Language.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out the architecture and coming up with various services.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Though there are huge number of services available at different places, integrating them under one roof was a huge accomplishment.

What we learned

It is our first Hackathon and we learnt about various facets of website development and also using Java servlets to integrate HTML code with the back-end code

What's next for EDU-ABROAD

Mobile Applications

Built With

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