Special education students thrive on face-to-face interaction with paraeducators which is not available through online learning. From one of our team member's hands-on experience teaching special needs students at FCSN, a local nonprofit, interactive games and visuals are what make learning engaging, but every student has their own unique learning type that is hard for new teachers to identify.

What it does

EdSpark starts off with a short quiz with 4 sections: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Reading & Writing. For every question you get right, you get a certain number of points and an answer streak, and when you reach a certain threshold, you level up and get cool new avatars! The algorithm to determine what learning type the student is: ( time expected for the task (ms)** - time it took the student to complete the task (ms) ) + (the % of correct answers in section * 100) ** predetermined in user testing period The highest section score(s) determine the student’s learning style, which you get at the end. Then, you can connect the results to google classroom and teachers can see your learning style and recommended resources. For example, visual learners may use tynker to learn how to code. You can access your own recommended resources and download a detailed score report as well.

How we built it

We had a Figma project from which we could see the prototype, and we also used using CSS and HTML to work together on the project. We went on discord/zoom calls to work on it together.

Challenges we ran into

Our team was created at the end of Saturday, and we started with many of us first-timers. We taught ourselves to code. The first quiz section for visual learners wasn't working so we couldn't view the rest of the quiz sections that we had already coded.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All though we didn't completely finish our coding, since 3 of us just are new to coding, we are already very glad that we had successfully implemented many of our ideas. A lot of the experience and outcome feel just magical!

What we learned

Some of us went from no coding skills at all to having a basic understanding of HTML web development and were able to help code some pages. From the workshops, we learned various AI concepts, web design (Illumination & How to design awesome websites workshops), and many more. A few of us had a background in figma design but we didn't know how to transfer it to code, so we learned how to convert it to CSS on

What's next for EdSpark

5 subject modules with levels for grades K-12, interactive practice by learning style, skill-based games Teacher Account to assign specific modules through integrated Google Classroom services, forums for parents and teachers!

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