Our clients usually come to us to imagine and produce online training content for them, using our techno-pedagogy expertise. But what if they want to create training content themselves with the same quality expectations ? How can they share it, so their learners can learn into the go-to working environment and get help from co-learners and trainers ?

What it does

EdMill is a SaaS all-in-one tool which allows course designers, whether they are HR training specialists or business segment experts, turn their courses digital, broadcast and follow-up on them, quickly and with no compromise on quality - we are proud to share that it's the first tool to use the online course design methodology certified by French organization. In Microsoft Teams, you can add the EdMill Personal App to access Learners' features: play courses, access results and documents. In addition to accessing courses in a click from your daily working tool, you can use Teams built-in features to maximize the power of your online courses : co-learning through channels and conversations, virtual classrooms, breakout rooms...

How we built it

  • Using modern and performant technologies, either for backend and frontend (NodeJs / React)
  • Fully deployed on Azure Services
  • Using Scrum approach
  • Mobile first

Challenges we ran into

  • Performance issues caused by the continuously growing data of our users
  • Computing advanced statistics an tracking of the learners with the xAPI technology
  • Many technical and functional tasks : LMS-like features, SCORM and X-API statements.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Mastering Scorm imports and exports
  • Design an authoring tool that is both easy to understand and use (even for non specialists) but does not compromise * when it comes to performances and results (quality of created courses)
  • Last but not least, our Microsoft for Teams application !

What we learned

  • Create your own Teams Application is pretty straight forward and well documented
  • Done is better than perfect
  • Think scalable, start small

What's next for EdMill

  • Further integration into Teams : channel app, adaptive cards, notifications, bots
  • More activities in our Authoring Tool : Hotspot, Storytelling
  • Extra roles with refined rights
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