Have you ever wanted to be a DJ, but were too lazy to learn about music theory, mixing boards and/or complicated programs? Who has the time or patience for that? Our team believes that massive crowds of adoring fans should not be a privilege of the few. That's why we created EDMDIS.CO.

What it does

EDMDIS.CO will take your mp3--any mp3-- and transform it into a hit! Once you upload your mp3, our algorithms generate three different styles of edm songs of different styles: Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix and Leona XXX.

How I built it was built using Python (NumPy and SciPy). We first take the mp3 and transform it into a .wav file. First, we detect song's Beats per Minute (BPM). Then we separated the sound waves into treble and bass, amplified the treble sounds and removed the bass. We then normalized and autotuned the treble sounds, and adjust the speed of the treble to match the BPM of the bass. Then we append the two audio files (the generated treble and one of the three bass) and normalize the result.

Challenges I ran into

The unexpectedly hard thing was figuring out how to sync the BPM of the uploaded MP3 our bass tracks. Normalizing the sounds while keeping the song sounding good was a huge challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We finished.

What I learned

Sound processing is an art as much technique. We had to fiddle a lot with our algorithm to produce

What's next for EDMDIS.CO

With its repetitive nature, catchy tunes and lucrative market, we will take on the pop music industry and create an app that will auto generating the next top 10 pop hit!

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