With EdLocate, users can profile, compare and search for locations that meet their desired characteristics.

EdLocate uses an HTML 5 / Javascript front-end to access an API built on NodeJS and hosted on Heroku. The API interfaces directly with my ObjectRocket MongoDB instance, submits the relevant queries and processes the information for output to the end user.

The ObjectRocket database was created by downloading data fields for over 70,000 census tracts in the United States. These data items were further normalized in many cases to make them more searchable using R Studio. I created a 2d sphere spatial index and inserted the Census Tracts polygons with their attributes into the database. EdLocate utilizes the geoIntersects and getNear spatial queries to achieve the desired output such as get me the best location within an an area or get me a 360 degree view of this area.

This was my first time using ObjectRocket, and I can say, it certainly made things easy on my end and gave me the chance to learn about MongoDB replica sets. Thank you for the opportunity.

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