Smart education to help dyslexic students.

‣The aim of our project is to help dyslexic students by making an app that can improve their reading and writing skills by providing them with a built-in text-to-speech function.

‣We also provide visuals to the learning words so that the student can grasp the word (such as fruits and animals) efficiently.

‣As dyslexic children have difficulty reading black print on white pages, we provide an optimal solution by using coloured background and text.

‣We give sufficient breaks between the learning process so that the student can remain calm and increase his/her productivity.

‣Students can complete tasks at their own speed without having much pressure.

⦿ Summary:

We created an app which can be beneficial to all the dyslexic students and has the following functions:

  • Phonetic Dictionary with Text-to-Speech which helps the student for quick learning.
  • Colored pages to make it more accessible for the students to read.
  • Picture words to give them a better understanding of the topic.
  • Celebrations at every successful attempt to improve the student’s confidence.

⦿ Methodology:

‣When the student opens the application, he/she is greeted with a login/signup page in which the user has to input their email for OTP verification.

‣When the user is signed up, he/she sees buttons with different options like learn, practice, test etc. which the user can click to do the respective task.

‣The theme for any object will have the spellings to different items which will help the student read and understand the object quickly and efficiently.

‣The text-to-speech options helps in listening the words on the screen for better understanding.

‣The images provided for the objects will also improve the students understanding.

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