Every Day Life Everywhere!

As a college student who is not quite sure what he wants to do after graduation, looking at all of the companies and career opportunities is a little overwhelming! Our goal with EDLE is to make understanding what working certain jobs actually looks like on an every day basis easier.

EDLE will be a social media website of sorts, where you can read or write EDL's. Readers can see anyone's EDL by searching using Name, Degree, Job Title, Company, and Location as search input, and then viewing the EDL profile. Writers can update their profile to provide information on their usual work activities, special events that take place at work, different projects they've completed or contributed to, thoughts on what it's like to work where they do, and other things that basically make their EDL into an easy to read and view Blog on their work experience.

Our project serves 2 groups of people: Group 1: The readers. A reservoir of information about people's jobs, especially one that is constantly being updated by real people working those jobs, is an incredible asset to any person wanting to start a new career. Understanding what the actual day to day life of people working at places like Google is incredibly helpful in deciding where you want to actually work. Group 2: Recruiters. If a company's employee's make EDL's on their work and daily life in their job, then recruiters can use this information to share with students as a way of saying "Hey! This is what the environment at our company is actually like! This is what our employees actually do!" This will provide even more and more accurate information about a company's atmosphere.

We believe that EDLE will improve the job search experience for both job searchers and recruiters alike. Speaking personally, it is difficult to actually know what suits me when I am still so new to not only the job search but my major as well. I know that EDLE would be incredibly helpful to me as I narrow down the path I want to travel, and thus I believe that it will be equally useful to all other students in my same boat!

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