Video editing is complex. Some apps make the process easier but there isn't a lens that can help you apply several advanced transition effects at once.

What it does

With the Edits Maker lens, snapchatters can with a few taps apply several advanced transition effects between their snaps.

How we built it

We coded effects using shaders to build custom materials from the ground up using lens studio.

Challenges we ran into

Making the effects run inside lens studio materials and manipulating the materials via script during run time took a huge learning curve but we are glad everything worked out in the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After trying several different UIs we're proud of our simple yet efficient process. We hope it's intuitive enough for snapchatters!

What we learned

The camera roll picker on the lens supports only one picture but we were able to learn about the camera freezing technique to allow users to select multiple pictures.

What's next for Edits Maker

We will continue to add effects to the lens. We hope to have up to 100! And we want to allow the lens to work with videos and live camera as well.

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