CashPost didn't really catch on, so I decided to compete again, this time with a Chrome extension.

I mostly made this because I feel that it takes too many clicks on ChallengePost to edit your software, and there is no preview functionality. So I wanted to be able to edit from the details page, immediately see what the changes will look like, and save some clicks.

But Matthew, couldn't you have just added this to the ChallengePost codebase for everyone to enjoy? Yes, but I wanted to learn how to make a Chrome extension, and doing so allows me to make changes to the functionality without having to do things like test the code.

When you're using this extension, it sends an X-EditPost header set to true with every AJAX request. So if enough people install this extension and start using it, then perhaps it will be integrated into ChallengePost.

And here are some action shots:

Editing the Software Description

Editing Software Description

Validation Errors

Validation Error

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