The inspiration came from when we thought about building something for kids who love to they can easily ask errors and questions as a voice command very simple and managed to get the very appropriate result for them.but when it's done building in just 3 days for this hackathon we think it's very useful for even professional developers. because it's simplicity we are in love with Edith when we started using it.

What it does

Edith is a voice assistant designed to get the most appropriate information for the users when they are asking some queries. take the kid's example, they feel trouble when searching online for an error in forums. so that we managed to build a fast API server for gathering the most appropriate information from different online platforms. it has a published vscode package that does the sole purposes of an AI assistant built for developers.

How we built it

we managed to build all the whole things in just 3 days, such as the vscode extension, actions, and a fast API server for gathering the best results. the vscode extension listens to the user and sends the voice data to voice API and gets the entities from there and sends it to fast API server deployed on Heroku. the API has 2 API endpoints for now. one for voice queries and another for processing the chat functionality that we can build soon. the server managed to get all the best and short information from various web portals and send back to the extension and it will play over there as Edith's voice

Challenges we ran into

None of us have been any experience in building vscode packages and in NodeJs, there where we spend most of the time. in fact, Edith was a spontaneous idea and we managed to build it in 3 days, so time was another challenge we tackled down

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Publishing a package for a real problem and watching people using it properly is the best reward and we are very proud and motivated to support and contribute to Edith in the future for building more powerful and stable versions.

What we learned

The entire process is a breakthrough learning. and most importantly we made a realization after using technologies like make the process very simple and fast. we used to build applications with ML frameworks but using made things very powerful and easy. as a funny side note, when we started using we never thought it was so powerful. it's just so amazing than we thought

What's next for Edith

We have a lot to work on in the future Edith. I'm just pointing the potential ones down below

  • Chat support in extension (the API part is almost done)

  • More text editor supports like Atom, Sublime

  • in-app actions like open a new tab and save with voice commands

  • Personalized Edith

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