Using an Intel Edison and the button, LCD Display, and rotational angle sensor, we made a game that simulated opening safes. A secret number would be generated within the range of the sensor and the goal would be to twist the sensor so the analog signal matched the secret number.


  • The LCD Display was used to display messages and instructions to the end user. A welcome message appeared for 6 seconds before asking the user to set the difficulty. During the game, it would display if the user was getting "Colder" or "Warmer" and if they achieved the win condition.

  • The Rotational Sensor was used as the primary input device, where the end user would turn the knob to a precise offset to achieve the win condition. This was also used to change the difficulty setting at the start up of the game.

  • The Button component was used to select the difficulty setting at the start of the game.

The upon completion, the game would display "You've Won" and the time it took to complete the task.


The biggest difficulty in creating this was getting the Intel Edison to work appropriately. Eventually, with the right work-arounds, resets, reinstallations, and appropriate Linux commands, we were able to use WinSCP and PuTTY to assign instructions to the Edison.

The second biggest difficulty was finding the appropriate language tools to code in. There were several options- some of which did not work well- and we eventually settled on Cylon.js, which still took some attempt to decipher from the various code snippets we were provided.

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