Our Team believes that "Talent is distributed equally across the communities but the opportunities aren't". The inspiration behind this project is to help the communities by building a platform to address this issue. The platform tries to provide the resources and proper career guidance to the aspirants from under represented communities to excel in their careers from professionals in their respective industries.

What it does

  • It provides a platform for tech industry professionals who are willing to give back to the communities to register and mentor people.
  • Similarly, the students or candidates who need mentors can register on the application.
  • Students can go through various mentor profiles and send an application to mentors requesting mentorship by uploading their resume and a short description of why they need mentorship.
  • Mentors can go through various applications and choose to mentor some students according to their choice.
  • Mentors or Organisations can host Webinars or Events to train candidates in the respective technologies
  • Mentors and Candidates can have a one-to-one chat through the messaging feature.
  • Candidates can connect with other candidates having the same interests and can communicate with each other
  • Candidates can update their profile with all the relevant information about their professional and academic qualifications
  • Candidates can register to the webinars conducted by the mentors

How we built it

Following is the Tech stack:

  • Frontend: ReactJS
  • Backend : NodeJS
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Others: AWS S3, PassportJS, GCP Compute Engine, Material UI, Bootstrap

Challenges we ran into

  • All the team members agreeing upon a unified solution to address the challenges of the communities.
  • Uploading and retrieval of Images and Resume data from Amazon S3.
  • Designing and building Messaging system for peer-to-peer communication
  • Designing and interactive and intuitive User Interface API Authentication using JWT Token using PassportJS

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We're happy that we were able to build a product that solves the problem and successfully accomplishes the ideas that we wish to convey.
  • It's a great experience that we were able to bring up such a website with required features under 3 days.

What we learned

  • Coordinating with the team and building up a entire working model of a project in short span of 3 days
  • Distribute the tasks among the team and Efficiently manage the time to accomplish them Add a
  • API level authentication with JWT Tokens

What's next for EdifyingForce

  • We want to extend the additional tools required like the Job Postings, Video conferencing tools and all other features which can ease the interaction between the mentor and students.
  • Mentors can create assessments to check the candidates' skillset, and they can create learning paths for candidates by posting materials
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