How do students create meaningful connections with industry professionals?

Networking can be daunting. If you are a networking pro, oftentimes if you talk to someone, you might add them on Linkedin or take their business card. Where does the connection go from there? Usually, the business card goes in the trash. The Linkedin connection is gone as a distance memory.

We wanted to create a tool that helps students understand the best practices in networking because stronger professional networks create more opportunities.

What it does

Edify is an application that is built for students like the ones you see here today. It is a contextual contact app that uses primary and secondary research to teach its users the best practices of building and maintaining their professional networks.

It does this through reminders that encourage in-person meetings every 3 months. This application has meeting note storage, meeting planning tools, and networking tips to make every student a networking pro!

How we built it

Edify was informed by primary and secondary research. We sent out a survey to industry professionals as well as talked to people in this room about their struggles and how we can solve them. We then went through iteration using wireframes, affinity mapping and creating high fidelity mockups. This application is built using SwiftUi.

Challenges we ran into

Our team is built of User Experience/Product Designers. Some of the challenges we experienced were centered around coding. We came in knowing basic front end and React but to make this experience what we truly wanted it to be, we needed to learn swift.

Specific issues that we encountered during development included dealing with outdated libraries and setting up firebase databases.


Our entire team is really proud of the solution that we created. Our developer worked tirelessly throughout the hackathon to create a working Swift prototype.

Most of all, our team is proud of the Edify solution that we have planned and created. The tools that it provides to its users cannot be found anywhere on the consumer market but they provide unprecedented impact to its users.

Built With

  • figma
  • imovie
  • swift
  • whimsical
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