We were inspired by the goals of the Carbon Footprint Challenge and realized that attending multiple locations festival requires a lot of traveling, which can leave a high carbon footprint. When thinking about Fringe we also noticed that personalized scheduling could be improved.

What it does

EdifestCarbon is an online web application in which users can query a database of festival events in Edinburgh so that users can plan their day at the festival. It also strives to limit carbon output during the event by plotting the most carbon-efficient path through the city on the day of the festival so that users can reach all of their desired events.

How we built it

We used a javascript frontend and python backend, held together with React.js. We queried the Google Maps API and the Edinburgh Festival Listings API to provide data and services.

Challenges we ran into

Using React.js, as none of us had experience beforehand. It took us a while to have a working interface between our frontend and our backend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to surmount all difficulties we had and arrive at a finished, fairly polished, application with time to spare.

What we learned

We learned that web development is a nightmare.

What's next for EdifestCarbon

We are limited by a monetary restriction on the amount of Google Maps API requests we could make, but with that lifted we would be able to make more advanced requests and be more accurate in our carbon cost and distance estimations.

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