I love robots and I love talking

What it does

It talks!! Give it a number that means a phrase and you'll have a convo spit right back at you!

How I built it

I had help from my friends to put together the circuit board and I utilized people I met around the Hackathon and it's volunteers to help me work out the kinks in code.

Challenges I ran into

The code would not work and would not read out my string variables, so I had to use numeric values instead

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have never coded anything in my life, and this code kind of works! I am very proud that I got it to do even half the things it can do now.

What I learned

How to code in Arduino and some of it's ins and outs.

What's next for Edi Whiskers' Heart

I am going to keep building the code and giving him more options for dialogue, as well as making certain phrases equal numeric values so the Serial Reader can talk to the actual arduino. I'd like to do it so that you can type actual words to Edi and he recognizes and responds to ones he is programmed to understand and respond to. I would also like to change up his behavior when it comes to his colors- I think it would be cool for the 'emotional response' to be accompanied by a color change. I will also expand on his "friendship" tiers, as well as add "enemy" or "dislike" ones.

Unrelated to the project, I did not know how I would like the Hackathon, as I did not know coding at all- I ended up having a lot of fun, working hard, and meeting cool people. This event is really cool and I am excited to participate in it next year!

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