Inspiration💡 We were inspired by our whole team! When they were submitting their Canadian University Applications they found that it was a long and daunting process (especially for international students). When wanting to submit to 5-10+ universities in Canada it became hard to keep track of your application status, having a different login for each portal and remembering when the due date for the applications were due.

What it does🏫 Our mobile app makes applying to universities 10x easier by facilitating an easy four-step process that takes no longer than 5 minutes. EDhub puts the steps of common questions for university applications, reminders for due dates and admissions status all in one hub.

How we built it💻 Our developers made this super useful app by collaborating on VScode, using Android Studio and Xcode for platform specific integration, using Firebase (auth,cloud storage and firestore), using Flutter and by coding in dart.

Challenges we ran into🧠

  1. We were short-staffed with our fourth team member dropping out in the middle of the hackathon (we still persevered through)
  2. Coming up with the perfect idea. We went through over 4 hours on zoom of just brainstorm sessions and finally finalized our idea thanks to the help of a mentor
  3. Time constraint definitely kept it limited to all the features we wanted to include

Accomplishments that we're proud of👑

  1. We definitely had great teamwork within our current teammates and worked well cohesively together to create an amazing final product.
  2. That we came up with an idea we were all happy about and found that there was a need for it.
  3. For our UI/UX designer, it was their first time designing an app and it came out well!
  4. For our developers, they were super proud of their database made through Firebase.

What we learned💆

  • Our developers learned more about flutter widgets as well as firebase databases.
  • Our UI/UX designer learned how to design an app from scratch.
  • We also learned that communication and teamwork go hand in hand, because of all the encouragement shown within our team it definitely kept us pushing and put out a quality product at the same time.

What's next for EDhub✏️

  • We plan to make a more secure database now that we have learned how to create one through Firebase
  • Create a payment portal for application fees
  • Creating an admissions portal (part of the app) and reach out to universities to get them to centralize their admissions process in one app
  • Fully build out our app with more interactions, steps, etc.

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