Simple. The Theta community is still awesome!! I began working on EdgeStats during the previous hackathon and hope to continue working on this project in the future. As a monitoring tool it is something I use on all of my edge nodes to check on their uptime stats and status daily. My hope is the community may perhaps appreciate this tool, so this hackathon entry is primarily so that the community knows it exists.

What it does

EdgeStats provides real-time statistics on Theta Edge Node uptimes and peers. The EdgeStats client must be run alongside an Edge Node to enable collection and monitoring of real time stats. There is a community run EdgeStats server that may be used with the EdgeStats clients available at Note, however, the EdgeStats client, server and web interface may also be compiled and run locally if desired.

How we built it

EdgeStats comprises three components - client, server, and web interface - which work together to provide edge node uptime statistics. In particular, the EdgeStats client while on, simply watches an edge node's log file; scans the logs as they are created; filters the logs relevant to uptime and peers; sends relevant uptime data to the EdgeStats server; and finally the web interface displays the edge node uptime stats.

Challenges we ran into

As a logical person the UI/UX is always a challenge, and most updates to EdgeStats concerned UI/UX. Sessions and other UI/UX features, either currently included or arriving soon, hopefully make interacting with EdgeStats more user friendly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am generally proud that the EdgeStats clients and server have been running since the last hackaton with minimal, if any, interruptions.

What we learned

I learned a lot concerning how the edge node and edge network works. Also, I learned that testing different hardware and software configurations is critical. In particular, I learned that having a client run on one set of hardware does not guarantee it will run on all, even if the operating system is the same. I still like the idea of the edge node as an IoT sensor device 🤔...

What's next for EdgeStats

I intend to keep working on EdgeStats as the edge node and edge network expand their features and use cases. A future update would be to include statistics related to an edge node's storage when EdgeStore is integrated into edge nodes.

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