With the release of the Auckland Transport API for scheduled works, and the NZ Transport Agency TREIS road event data, it is now possibly to get real time structured information on road closures feed into the 111 emergency system.
This information allows recommendation decisions on the nearest resource to be adjusted for road restrictions, including average segment speed, closures, directional limitations or closures. Currently much of the significant works are entered manually, and this project is exploring the ability to automate this work.

Using the Intergraph EdgeFrontier rapid integration middle-ware toolbox, this submission created a interface into the AT API and TREIS data, and parsed and filtered the events to categorize them into a structured data set that can be inserted into Intergraph I/CAD using the Road Restrictions API.

Looking forward, using the same framework and engine we hope to feed emergency events back to AT and NZTA, and better integrate a common operating picture of traffic and road events.

Built With

  • edgefrontier
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