Creating a product that would benefit the patient by helping him or her control chronic diseases and the associated costs.

What it does

Helps manage chronic disease such as diabetes in a non-intrusive and accessible manner

How we built it

After the pitching process, we brainstormed ideas building off of the many problems present in the healthcare space. As the theme was affordability, this grounded our ideation until we settled on an idea everyone involved was passionate about solving. Once decided, the build process consisted of identifying a concrete problem statement followed by constructing a user persona to better understand our target market. Afterwards, we broke apart to focus on our respective areas of expertise. The rest of the event was focused on getting our individual pieces accomplished, asking the group whenever we needed advice, guidance, or just to bounce ideas off of. Towards the end, the focus shifted towards creating a story flow to center our presentation and demonstration about.

Challenges we ran into

Incentivizing the Payers in the healthcare system to buy-in to utilizing our product and gaining patient acceptance & engagement

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a product that could potentially reduce the healthcare cost of the system and improve patient care.

## What we learned Personalized chronic care management can improve patient outcome and reduce financial burden on the patient as well as healthcare systems.

## What's next for Edge Scalability, feature enhancement, and opening up the targeted population

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