Free education for anyone and everyone This project for InOut 2.0 hackthon. Education is the base for everything you can imagine. So let's connect India by giving everyone free, curated, customized Education Platform.

So let's start understanding how this functions. Internet today is full of contents for education, but very few of us know about where to get quality educational materials. Why not organise the whole and provide it to everyone. Let's translate all present content and make it available to everyone free of cost.It scrapes content from every popular educational sites such as youtube, khan academy and organises and translates it for everyone. It's not limited to only scrapping. Users can upload their own videos and contents helping the cause.




India has the highest human population. Educated India will eventually lead to the best India. In rural areas education is very unsystematic. So we thought to provide them with a platform to help them get educated in a language they wish to.This created EdFree.

What I learned
Collaborating using GitHUB in real-time. Machine Learning for live translation of videos.

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