Estonia is the education powerhouses of Europe, but the current situation has put an enormous burden on teachers, students as well as parents. Parents, who work full-time have to find time and knowledge to help their children study the compulsory curriculum. Students have to study alone or mostly rely on their parents. Teachers have to cope with technology and find ways to get all the necessary materials and assignments online. We live in the world that is more connected than ever. So why not come up with a solution that would help teachers, students, parents and at the same time keep up the quality of our study programs. Edesta is just the solution we need!

What it does

Our unified study platform enables teachers to carry out online learning. Whether the platform is needed to support the everyday teaching for someone who’s sick or on a long vacation or needed for taking over teaching during national shutdowns. The platform brings together teachers and students as well as college students from universities to help school teachers or parents carry out the workload of advising students.

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