Inspiration I am inspired by the City of Barcelona and the Hague its such a cool city with a clean environment with less pollution

How it works

Edens City tries to reduce the ammount of wastes in our Cities especially in Africa whre Indusrial Gases contribute hugely to air pollution. we use sensors to monitor the atmospheric conditions in the Air and analyze the components Chemically and relay data realtime to the Authorities to take Action.Amobile App is used by residents to report gross Violation of Environmental Conservation Laws

Challenges I ran into

I dont know how to build the Webapp/website to relay the data

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have recently aquired an Intel Galileo and known how to program It also more sensors like Tempreture Humidity are working

What I learned How to Work as a team

What's next for EDENS CITY Still in Beta Stage but more cool stuff on the way

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