Helping students during difficult times learning online.

What it does

We have created an extension called Eden that helps create a productive work environment for students. It encourages students to study by rewarding them with points for the amount of hours they have been studying. These points can be used in our online store to purchase themes, cursors, and wallpapers. The features of our extension include a website blocker and a pop-up alert, an extension pop-up and a timer to track the hours of studying.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS and Javascript to build our extension, website and its features.

Challenges we ran into

1) Syncing the timers between website and the extension popup 2) Reward system based on the amount of hours of study 3) Creating a working shopping cart

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1) Blocking websites automatically 2) Extension pop-up

What we learned

1) How to create and save an extension 2) Blocking websites with Javascript

What's next for Eden

We plan on syncing the timer and rewards system in the extension and the website. Also integrating the rewards system so it can track the student’s study time and convert it into points that they can use to redeem in the store. Another feature we thought to include in our extension is a database storage, where users can store and keep track of their points and settings. Next, we also thought about including a reminder in our extension, so users will remember to take breaks while studying. Lastly, we thought this process should be convenient to users/students, and all should be integrated into one button. It could be the start of the timer that starts the whole study and blocking of website. These features would include, an integrated music player connected to spotify in our Extension popup. This allows users to directly play the music of their choice while they study. The other would be collaborating with artists to create rewards uniquely ours. Instead of putting down websites we could have it as a suggestion, buttons to add websites to block, also input options

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