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It is often very difficult for a doctor to convince a smoker to stop even after counseling them and listing out all of the scary health complications. Patients come back time after time again with the exact same problems.

Many times a doctor’s office is the only support environment for a patient’s condition, but doctors can only do so much. A physician’s care starts at the clinic and ends and the clinic. How can quality support go beyond the clinic?

Unfortunately, there is a lack of access to quality support beyond the clinic setting and inadequate connections between people who truly understand what you are going through.

What is Eden?

Eden essentially is a social support network for people with similar afflictions to form communities where they can ask questions and find quality answers that are moderated by health professionals. In addition, users can also blog about their medical afflictions and share with their friends.

(Eden is a Facebook for patients with Quora functionalities)

Collectively, Eden provides a very holistic service that can support people with chronic afflictions outside of a clinical setting.


We used Bloomberg datasets on "Obesity" and "Diabetes Mellitus" rate in the U.S. as well as some European countries to estimate the risk of these two diseases for each user depending on their age group. If they surpass a threshold risk, we would confirm their status via a message and suggest joining the obesity or diabetes community. Through such a process, we can offer and provide support early in disease progress, give them prevention advice, and improve disease prognosis.

We also used "Tobacco Average Spending" dataset to calculate how much an average smoker spends on tobacco products, and set a personal goal for them, such as saving money to buy something or plan for their dream vacation, etc. By setting a personal goal in addition to hearing other Eden users’ stories on how they quit tobacco, they can find some inspiration and motivation to reduce their tobacco use.

Technologies Used

Backend: firebase (in a transition to PostgreSQL, nodejs and express)

Frontend: AngularJS

How to run it?

sudo grunt --force

Built With

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