Framing: What is The Problem? Social distancing: -Exercise venues are closed or shut down (gyms, various sports classes) -Social and contact sports no longer safe to continue doing Fewer options: options for exercise include -Running (at home or outside) -Walking (at home or outside) -Biking outside -Most people are not regular walkers, bikers, or runners -They had other options before -They do not know good or many routes near their homes Crowding -People may be using ‘obvious’ paths and making them more crowded, meanwhile less frequented paths are undiscovered and empty.

What it does

Let's anyone visiting the site search for routes and access recommended routes on a embedded interactive map. Users can create new maps, rate existing maps, and view information about each route.

How I built it

Using Wix and MyMaps.

Challenges I ran into

Programming the website correctly and linking the mymaps without error.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The UI/UX visuals of the final website and the inception of this idea for this project.

What I learned

How to use Wix and MyMaps, coding information used in interactive maps, teamwork skills.

What's next for Edelweiss (surviving the confinement)

Expanding geographically, being more mindful for the disabled, improving the social crowdsourcing feature.


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