What it does

Are you struggling to engage students in online learning? Try Edconomy, an app that allows teachers and other educators to create a virtual economy for their class! Students compete with each other to accumulate points, which are awarded by teachers through a point system. After saving up enough points, students can buy items to customize their profile from the shop.

What inspired us

Back in the early 2000s, it was common for schools to have currency systems and reward systems that would encourage good behavior and academic excellency. The reward systems were fun, educational, and provided a motive for doing well in school. We hope to bring this method education to the current generation of youth that may not be able to experience an in-person education due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

How we built it

Edconomy was created using React for the front end and Google Firestore for the back end.

What's next for Edconomy

Next for Edconomy is a UI for youth educators to create and customize their classrooms. Our hope is for educators to be able to further customize the shop, where they can add badges or classroom perks like homework passes. We also want to eventually have classroom group chats for students to communicate with their classmates under the supervision of the educator. This can allow for youth to learn respectful cyber communication which can help reduce cyberbullying for future generations. We also want to make the currency system less manual, where students would be automatically rewarded a standard amount for turning in homework on time and doing well on quizzes. Thus, students would always be making progress and not feel left out should the educator not notice them. Lastly, we hope to add an unlockable library of educational games for entertainment, trading systems that further motivate students to interact with each other, and investment options for the currency to help teach youth about the economy at an early age.

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